One-on-One or Group Classes

Our online English tutors are certified, qualified & experienced teachers from all over the world. Native speakers are best for learning natural vocabulary, accents & culture. Virtual Education teachers are experts in detecting & correcting pronunciation.
We specialize in correcting grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure in a communicative way, so you can get the most out of your class. Each class is 50 minutes long, which has a 5 minute warm-up activity, where we introduce ourselves and find out what you want and need. Followed by a 40 minute class and finishing with recommendations to achieve your linguistic goals. All you need is a Skype account. 

  •  Get 100% attention with private or group English tutoring
  •  Lots of practice time, questions & personalized feedback
  •  Learn at your own pace & ask questions anytime you like
  •  Learn exactly what you want and when you want to learn

Remember every class is personalized for each student.

 If you would like anymore information about any of our services send us a message.