Whether for students just beginning their language studies, or for more advanced students, there are classes to suit everyone at Virtual Educational. Skype Classes are offered across the areas of grammar, speaking and writing, with a broad range of topics (sports, politics, literature, etc.) and at all learning levels, from A1 to C2. You control What, When and Where you study!

  • Category: Education
  • Duration: 00:50 Hours

Price:£25 £20



Whether you are preparing for an exam, an upcoming interview or a presentation at work, our teachers will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals. Online Private Skype classes are available at any time. Choose your own topic, date, time and learn with a private teacher.

Each Skype class is 50 minutes long, which has a 5 minute warm-up activity, where we introduce ourselves and find out what you want and need. Followed by a 40 minute class and finishing with recommendations to achieve your linguistic goals.        

All you need is a free Skype account, connect 5 minutes before the class is due to start and our teacher will call you! Simple