Get 100% attention with a private group English tutoring class. Whether you are family or friends, work-mates or class-mates learning with people you know improves your confidence if you are a bit shy. Lots of practice time, questions & personalized feedback. Learn at your own pace & ask questions anytime you like. You control What, When and Where you study!

  • Category: Education
  • Duration: 00:50 Hours

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Our online English tutors are certified, qualified & experienced teachers from all over the world. Native speakers are best for learning natural vocabulary, accents & culture. Virtual Education teachers are experts in detecting & correcting pronunciation.
We specialize in correcting grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure in a communicative way, so you can get the most out of your class. 

Each Skype class is 50 minutes long, which has a 5 minute warm-up activity, where we introduce ourselves and find out what you want and need. Followed by a 40 minute class and finishing with recommendations to achieve your linguistic goals.

All you need is a free Skype account, connect 5 minutes before the class is due to start and our teacher will do the rest! Simple